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E2K Viewer is a cloud-based E2K/$ET file viewer. E2K / $ET files are commonly generated by ETABS Software (*). E2K Viewer lets you upload E2K files to cloud and view these models from any iOS device such as iPhone, iPad and iPod. Models can be viewed in 3D with hardware accelerated display. Navigation is done by simply using touches on view.

* ETABS is a registered trademark of Computers and Structures, Inc.


In order to upload files to cloud you need to have a Structural 365 Account. It can be created for free from inside the App or from Creating a new account takes only few minutes, just fill out the form and submit. Then an activation e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address you provided to verify your identity. Open the e-mail and click the activation link to complete the registration.


Once you have a Structural 365 account it is very easy to upload models to cloud and view from E2K Viewer App.


Once you open the App you will see the Main View with the cloud logo. App has two menus, one on left and one on right. You can access these menus by touching the menu icons on bottom left and bottom right.


Open the Left Menu to reach the login page.


Press the Login button and open the Login page. You can also access Structural 365 Account Register page from the Login page. Enter your e-mail address and password for your Structural 365 Account and press the Login button. You need to be online in order to be able to login and access models. Once you download models to the App you don't have to stay online anymore. You can then load and view the models while offline. Your login information will be stored by the App and you will be automatically logged in next time you open the App.


After you login successfully you can upload models to cloud and view them inside the App. Models are loaded into the App by opening e-mail attachments and then uploded to the cloud. You need to first e-mail E2K or $ET model files to yourself. Then open your e-mail by using the Mail App of iOS (in order to do this you need to add your e-mail account to your iPhone / iPad / iPod Mail App). When you open any e-mail that contains E2K or $ET files as attachment then your device will offer you to open these files by using E2K Viewer. Once you click these attachments from the Mail App, you can open them in E2K Viewer automatically. After you click the attachment your E2K file will be uploaded to cloud and then you can access this model from different devices by using your Structural 365 Account.


After you uploaded models from e-mail attachment to cloud you can then go to the Left Menu of the App again and press Load Model button. It will access your Structural 365 Account and list all the models you have. You will see all the models as a list. You can click any model on the list and it will be downloaded into the App and viewed in 3D. If you downloaded a model previously then its background will be shown in green. If it is downloaded before then it is stored inside your device and can be reopened without downloading again and even when you are offline.


You can pull-down the model list to refresh from server. You can manually refresh the list if you added new models and they don't appear in the list.


You can delete the models from your account and App, and also rename the models from Model list page. You can access this functionality by swiping left a model's row in the list. You can click Download to re-download a model from your cloud account. In order to delete or rename a model click the More button.


Once you select a Model from Models list, it is loaded into the App and viewed in 3D in the main application window. You can interact with model by using touches.

to rotate: touch and drag with one finger
to pan: touch and drag with two fingers
to zoom: pinch with two fingers


You can see the structural member information by double-tapping on the model view. A popup view will be shown with the information on it.


You can share the screenshots of your models by using the Share View menu item on Right Menu. E-mail composer will be opened and capture will be attached automatically to your message.


You can send any feedback to us using the Feedback menu item on Right Menu.

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